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Fabrication & Installation


Roadrunner Fabrication's ability to shear, cut, bend, form, roll and punch sheet metal, heavy plate and structural shapes is not likely to be matched anywhere in Colorado. We are able to process the lightest gauge material to the heaviest and hardest of metal plates and shapes. A wide range of machines allow us to form or bend shapes that most companies cannot accommodate. If tooling does limit our capacities, we are able to produce it to match your needs. We stock tons of diverse materials to supply your project with metal and 97% of our steel is purchased from United States steel mills. If preferred, we will process your material and do not require you to purchase metal through Roadrunner.

Welding / Assembly

We are frequently asked what it is that Roadrunner does. While it is difficult to answer, welding is where we got our start and it will continue to be the backbone of the company. Architectural, ornamental, structural, manufacturing and assembly - our welded products can be found on seven continents, in deep space, deep seas and in your backyard.


It is rare to find a fabrication company willing to take on repair work, most would rather work from scratch with new metal because it is generally easier. We understand that it is rarely more cost effective for our customers to purchase new products when existing products can be repaired. Since we realize that we cannot be successful unless our customers succeed, we are willing to repair, modify, shorten, lengthen or strengthen items as it suits our customer's needs.

Specialty Metals / Polishing

"Stainless steel, aluminum, copper and titanium are in ever increasing demand from customers as dependability, longevity and durability regain their status in the United States."
Roadrunner continues to expand it's metal fabrication abilities through our rapidly growing specialty metals division. Not only do we have the ability to weld and process these materials in the shop and in the field, we are able to deliver a turnkey product with a variety of polished finishes. This is not limited to flat shapes for we are one of the few companies that can polish a shape in two directions - longitudinally and latitudinally - and yes, this includes pipe. As Roadrunner built the model for turnkey carbon steel fabrication by adding in house powder coating, it was only logical to follow our own model by adding polishing to our specialty metals.

Installation / Erection

Not only is Roadrunner heavily equipped under the roof, we are equally equipped in the field. Our installers and erectors have been from coast to coast and border to border installing eveything from clean rooms to trash gates and eveything in between. Our mobile fleet includes flatbed trucks, a variety of lifts, core drills and fully equipped welding rigs.

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